10 Best Dispensaries in Anchorage, AK

best cannabis dispensaries in anchorage, ak

Best Cannabis Dispensaries in Anchorage

Anchorage is a beautiful destination sought out by many tourists every year as a “northern getaway” spot.  The ability to rent a secluded cabin, see and interact with wildlife, as well as find many great local watering holes makes Anchorage the premier destination for anyone looking to escape to The Great North for a little rest and relaxation.

Cannabis dispensaries in Anchorage are now fully legalized to provide both medical and recreational users with top of the line marijuana products.  Making your getaway even that much more relaxing!

So whether you’re looking to kick your feet up and enjoy the northern lights, or simply just get a nice buzz while enjoying the tourist activities Anchorage has to offer – this guide will show you the best cannabis dispensaries to visit while you spend your time in this gorgeous destination.

#1 - Cannabaska

cannabaska dispensary anchorage logo

Cannabaska is one of the largest and busiest dispensaries in Anchorage.  They have their own in-house grow operation as well as accessories and merchandise for purchase. Housing more than 100 different strains of quality indoor-grown marijuana.

They offer the ability to order online for curbside pick-up to avoid the lines and stress of waiting at the door to obtain your cannabis products.

Their flower is hand-trimmed and slow cured to perfection, giving you some of the best quality smokable flower in Anchorage.

#2 - Enlighten Alaska

enlighten alaska dispensary logo

Enlighten Alaska is a very clean, professional environment for all types of cannabis users.  Whether you are a first time consumer or an expert – Enlighten Alaska has a slough of products to fit your needs.

They offer online ordering for pick-up and their orders are typically ready within the hour.  Making them a go-to option for on-the-go consumers, or someone wanting to skip the long lines dispensaries can be notorious for.

Enlighten Alaska carries flower, pre-rolls, concentrates, edibles, topicals as well as CBD products too.

#3 - Raspberry Roots

Raspberry Roots is one of the original cannabis dispensaries in Anchorage and their quality speaks for itself.  They have a very clean, quiet dispensary floor offering deli-style service – weighing and bagging your order right in front of you.

They have exclusive in-house flower strains which will knock your socks off in the taste and effects category.  Being that they are a cultivator as well as a retail location, they take a very serious approach to the quality of their craft cannabis.

Raspberry Roots also offers veteran, student, and senior discounts as well as a stellar loyalty program for return customers! 

#4 - Hillside Natural Wellness

Hillside Natural Wellness was established in 2017, and has been making great strides in the quality of their products ever since.  They pride themselves on the education they can provide any type of consumer throughout the buying process.

Hillside Natural Wellness carries flower, concentrates, edibles, as well as topicals.  They have a very nice and wide selection of CBD products as well.

As part of the Glacier Extracts family, they offer an exclusive cannabis product in the concentrates and ancillary marijuana products they have in-store.  This is a must stop shop along your cannabis tour in Anchorage!

#5 - Top Shelf Herbs of Alaska

top shelf herbs logo

Top Shelf Herbs of Alaska is a fairly new store that opened this year, however they are on the right track when it comes to the high quality of cannabis they are carrying in-store. They claim to be a “cut above the rest” and they aren’t lying!  Their flower and concentrates are some of if not the best in Anchorage!

They carry flower, concentrates, edibles, pre-rolls, vape liquid, as well as CBD products.  Their prices are some of the lowest in Anchorage, but maintain quality.  For that reason alone, this makes them one of the best dispensaries in Anchorage, AK.


#6 - Great Northern Cannabis

best cannabis dispensary in anchorage ak

Great Northern Cannabis is another one of the original dispensaries in Anchorage.  Offering very high quality flower and concentrates – they have an intense focus on making sure your customer experience with them is top notch!

Great Northern Cannabis is very active in the community and are always looking for ways to make consumers happier and “higher” on life.  Their flower is quality controlled in it’s growing stages so you can be sure to always get the best smoke for your dollar!

#7 - Ganja Guys of Alaska

ganja guys of alaska logo

Ganja Guys of Alaska is a premier dispensary in the Anchorage area.  From the moment you walk in the store to the time you enjoy your cannabis from them – you will find the Ganja Guys experience to be one of a kind.

With a wide strain selection and the ability to do in-store pickup, Ganja Guys have the flower game nailed!  Their edibles taste fantastic and they carry some of the best known brands in the industry.

The thing that sets them apart from other growers/dispensaries is that they hand-pick all the strains and flower that comes into their shop – so you know you’ll always receive the highest quality.

#8 - Catalyst Cannabis Company

Catalyst Cannabis Company is a very clean and respectful dispensary in Anchorage.  The team at Catalyst is dedicated to providing one of the best customer experiences in Alaska.  They give you 10% off your second visit, and 15% off your third visit.  

I really like Catalyst Cannabis for the reason that they are focused on saving and sustaining the environment in Alaska.  They use living soils and only registered fertilizers in their cultivation process, so their organic flower is to absolutely die for!  Also offering a reusable-jar program that helps minimize waste in the area.

All of that in conjunction with their well-educated staff makes the expereicne at Catalyst unlike any other in the Anchorage area.

#9 - Pakalolo Oceanside

Pakalolo Supply Oceanside is a little bit different take on the cannabis arena in Anchorage.  All of their strains and genetics were formed and cultivated in Hawaii – bringing a portion of the Aloha state to the Great North of Alaska.

Now, just because they aren’t from Alaska doesn’t mean they don’t have the quality and standards that the others do here.  Pakalolo’s staff is so friendly, it’ll have you wanting to stay and chat rather than grabbing your bag and heading out the door.

Their flower and edibles are off the charts, and is a nice change of pace from the other shops that carry Alaska grown strains and products.  We highly recommend Pakalolo Supply to anyone in Anchorage looking for an awesome cannabis experience!

#10 - Alaska Weeds

alaska weeds logo cannabis dispensary in anchorage ak

Alaska Weeds is the last but certainly not least on the list.  They have a cultivation/grow known as Black Bear Nursery, and an extraction facility known as Brown Bear Labs.  This gives you the peace of mind that your cannabis products from Alaska Weeds have been handled with care and generosity from seed to sale!

Their concentrates are absolutely #1 in the state because they have the ONLY cold ethanol extractor and distillation machines out of all the processors in Alaska.  If you know your cannabis, this means only one thing – HIGH quality!

The team at Alaska Weeds is a passionate, diverse group of individuals focused on providing the best products on the Anchorage cannabis market.

Let's Roll This Thing Up!

The dispensaries we have mentioned here have all won our hearts through their dedication to excellence and taking care of their customers at every turn of the way.  Whether you choose flower, concentrates, edibles or merchandise and accessories – this guide should point you in the right direction as you spend your leisurely time here in Anchorage.

Please feel free to reach out to us with any recommendations or to have your favorite dispensary considered for our Top 10 Best Dispensaries in Anchorage!

Now go light something up and relax, you’re in the great state of Alaska!

Online Cannabis Ordering

If you would like to place an online order with any of the companies above, most of them can be found on WeedMaps, Leafly, and other mobile marijuana apps by simply opening the app and doing a search for the name of the dispensary.

You can also visit a Dispensary Directory for other dispensaries we did not mention!

If you own a dispensary and would like consideration to be a part of our article or future articles please reach out to us here.

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