5 Advantages of a Business Website vs. Relying on Social Media and Local Business Directory Profiles 

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A business’s online presence has a massive bearing on its success in this day and age. Social media and local business directories have emerged as the go-to platforms for most businesses. Platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Yelp, and Pinterest are now being used daily by businesses. 

Nowadays, one may be tempted to wonder whether they really need a website when they already have social media profile pages and profiles in local business directories. Businesses need to ensure that the ultimate destination of their clients and visitors is their website. Here are some of the reasons why your business needs a website instead of relying on social media and local business directory profiles. 

1. It Provides a Stronger Online Presence Which Doesn’t Rely on Third-Party Sites 

One of the building blocks for a thriving business is the generation of engagement with existing and potential consumers. A website gives your business an ideal platform for communicating with consumers. It allows you to set the tone on who you are as a brand and differentiate yourself from competitors. A website also expands the touchpoints a consumer can have with your brand–you can educate them about your products, address their concerns, and highlight your brand’s unique features that inspire resonance. 

2. You Can Link to Your Website Through Google My Business 

Every day, billions of people use Google to search for information. You can tap into this audience by linking your business website to Google via Google My Business. All you need to do is create a mobile-optimized website to represent your business through your Business Profile to build a site that you can customize with photos, themes, and texts. 

Regardless of whether your business is local, regional, or international, a Google business website is worth it, given that it allows you to reach a wider audience. 

3. It Increases Your Credibility 

The chances are that numerous providers offer services that are similar to yours. One way of setting yourself apart is by having a well-designed website that clearly communicates valuable information to the consumers. 

When your business lacks a website, people may question its legitimacy. Having a website enables you to make an excellent first impression and assure potential customers that your business is legit. 

4. It Saves You Time and Improves Your Customer Service 

Many businesses get texts and calls from existing and prospective customers asking simple questions such as operating hours. If you fail to receive a customer’s call, they’ll be left feeling unhappy. On the other hand, calls can destruct your staff from focusing on important tasks. A website can act as a two-edged sword—besides reducing the number of calls to your business and improving productivity; it can also ensure that customers can find the information they need without having to call. 

5. It Is an Excellent Digital Marketing Platform 

If you are thinking of using digital marketing to grow your business, then a website can come in handy. You can make the most of it by leveraging both past and current traffic such that you target more qualified leads and get the best returns for your ad spend. 


The online world is changing rapidly. As such, your business must have a solid online presence to remain competitive. And while websites are one of the best platforms for gaining and maintaining a solid online presence, that doesn’t mean that you should use them on their own. You can use a business website in tandem with your social media profiles and local business directory profile page to reach more customers. For instance, you can use your social media profiles to power blog comments on your website. 

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