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dispensary grand opening ideas

Are you just about to open a cannabis dispensary and looking for some grand opening ideas? If so, we have put together a list of tips and tricks to help make your dispensary grand opening a smashing success. From marketing strategies to event planning, we cover everything you need to know in this article!

Dispensary Grand Opening Planning


Allocating a budget for your dispensary grand opening is one of the most critical steps. It’s very helpful to get some feedback from industry insiders or others who have had past experience with dispensary openings before deciding what type of event would work best for attracting new customers.


You’ll need to decide whether you want your customers to engage and flow through the existing dispensary floor (recommended) so they can make purchases or if you want part of your event held outside in the parking lot or open space next to your location.

Time Of Day

When planning the time of day to have your dispensary grand opening event, you’ll want to plan around your target customer’s work and leisure schedules. If you can afford to hold the event for the entire day, your success will be higher.

On the other hand, if you only want to host a half-day event, it would be best to do so in the early afternoon leading up to the early evening hours. This helps capture customers during their lunch breaks from work, and those wanting to hit a dispensary before making their way home for the evening.

Live Music at Your Grand Opening

live music at a dispensary

Live music is always an excellent choice for dispensary events as it gives the event an upbeat and engaging feel, which can help draw in more customers.

Additionally, musicians are usually pretty laid back (and fun) to work with as they typically like to create new content on the fly that works best for you and your location.

If possible, look into getting live bands who play cannabis and marijuana-friendly songs or even hire someone to sing an original song related specifically to your brand and products at your dispensary grand opening event!

Food & Drink Options

You’ll want people attending your dispensary grand opening to be comfortable, so offering food options helps remove any barriers between them having a good time while also being able to purchase their favorite marijuana supplies or products.

One of the best dispensary grand opening ideas is to hire a catering service that offers both food options and drinks for your customers who attend the event. This way, they can feel free to mingle and enjoy themselves while also having access to all of their favorite cannabis goods (and maybe even some new ones too!).

Inviting Social Marijuana Influencers

Do you know any social media influencers or anyone with a large following of marijuana enthusiasts? If so, it’s always helpful to get them involved in your dispensary opening event!

Social media has become such an important tool when it comes to marketing cannabis products and services. Having someone attend the grand opening that is already familiar with the industry can help attract more potential customers due to their influence on others who follow their thoughts and opinions online (and off).

If possible, try reaching out directly via direct message on the social media platform or email. Provide some information about your location while also talking up all of its perks/benefits for both current clients and new ones. Give them something worth sharing!

In most cases, if you offer a certain amount of money to the influencer for coming to the event and posting it on their channel or social feed, they will most definitely come through for the event!

Lots of Swag and Branded Merchandise

Everyone loves a free gift!

Having specific branded swag items such as t-shirts, backpacks, hats, beanies, stickers, etc. that you offer your guests is a great way to get them excited about the event and wanting to attend.

In addition, it’s always beneficial to have some branded merchandise available so those customers who are there for an extended time can feel free to walk around with something on their person promoting the new location.

dispensary grand opening ideas for swag

The best part is this also helps promote sales by putting your dispensary name out into the public eye even more than before (and after). Just make sure all logos or designs fit within company guidelines and rules if they’re going to be worn in public without any modification made beforehand!

Giveaways & Promotions

There are plenty of ways you can incentivize people to attend your dispensary grand opening events without spending much money at all! A few examples include: handing out door prizes like one-of-a-kind glass pieces or other marijuana accessories; offering promotional deals on certain strains – this could be as simple as giving away an eighth with every $100 spent; or sales on select items throughout the event.

In addition, having a raffle or giveaway drawing at some point during the dispensary opening is always great for bringing in more people! This can be done by either taking names and contact information from each guest as they attend or through social media giveaways announced ahead of time. If you know which items will be given away beforehand, have them displayed throughout your newly opened location so everyone knows what to aim for when it comes time to win something special.

Once again – make sure all designs/logos fit within company guidelines before using any sort of branded merchandise (including free giveaways) because inappropriate materials should never get out into public view if possible!

Discounts are a MUST!

Offering a grand opening discount is always a solid play and will help with customer retention in the future.

As a dispensary owner, it’s important to always be looking for new ways that you can attract more customers. One of the best places to find people interested in your cannabis products are through social media outlets! If someone has posted on their page about being at an event, or they have mentioned liking or loving certain marijuana strains – contact them directly via direct message with some information about where they found this info along with any current discounts/promotions available right now. Depending upon how much interaction took place before reaching out, maybe even offer up something special just for them only if possible too.

Remember: when offering discounts, make sure these aren’t permanent price cuts because everyone will want them, and soon nobody will want to buy anything at full price.

How To Market Your Dispensary Grand Opening Event

Social Media

It’s probably no surprise to find out that social media is critical when it comes to promoting any type of dispensary opening. However, this doesn’t mean you should just throw up a few posts and hope for the best! Taking some time beforehand to build anticipation by offering plenty of sneak peeks and giveaways can help increase interest in your event and attract more people than before.

Branding Employees

Before hosting the grand opening, be sure everyone at your dispensary team knows what they’ll need: branded t-shirts or hats; printed flyers/brochures with specific information about the location & address; posters hung around all areas where potential customers will see them (both inside and outside); banners hanging from windows facing popular walking paths such as those near parks, restaurants, and other popular venues; etc.

marijuana branded employees

Local Community

Marketing isn’t always about spending a bunch of money either! Putting up posters in your local community is free (and will likely be viewed by people who would never think to look on social media for something like this).

Sending out emails can also help drive interest in the grand opening event; asking friends & family members to share posts or pictures from the dispensary’s page helps promote it too – essentially, anything you do yourself that doesn’t cost any type of currency works best when trying to market an upcoming dispensary grand opening!

Even if not everyone who attends becomes a customer immediately, they may remember seeing your business name somewhere, which could later turn into helping them with their next purchase down the line.

Website Promotion

Make sure you have your dispensary’s website is up and running with information about the grand opening event. Place a banner at the top of your pages or have a custom flyer designed to post on your homepage talking about the event and what’s happening that day!

Additionally, posting this same info across all social media accounts will help reach more people than ever before! You can even take things a step further by using custom landing pages to drive traffic directly to where they should be going – just keep in mind that these types of links are always best for collecting emails, making it easier to market to them later on too.

If you need help getting your dispensary’s website up and running be sure to visit our Cannabis Marketing Page!

Marketing Displays At Your Grand Opening Event

Advertising is key when hosting any type of special event because without awareness; nobody will show up (or learn anything about what your company offers). Depending upon how much time & money you can spend, there are lots of different ways to promote your dispensary grand opening event:


Imagine driving around the city and seeing a huge sign for a dispensary’s upcoming grand opening! These types of promotional displays should be placed in popular areas where potential customers will see them.

 If you have enough funds, simply renting out some space on top of those giant billboards people drive by every single day is something worth looking into as it’ll definitely get their attention – just make sure everyone who works at or visits this location knows how they can help spread the word about the upcoming special event too! 

marijuana dispensary billboard

Plus, if someone does stop & take photos, that could end up going viral, which would bring even more awareness to what lies beneath that building (especially if any type of discount was offered for a limited time).


Using high-quality posters and banners is another excellent way to get the word out about what your dispensary will be offering in the near future. You can even create custom flyers explaining why people should attend (and then post these at popular venues like coffee shops, restaurants, gyms & more).

Now Go Make Your Dispensary Grand Opening a HIT!

Whether you’ve already opened your dispensary’s doors and are coming up on the grand opening date, or you’re several weeks away from hosting this type of event, it never hurts to start planning ahead.

By implementing everything we’ve talked about today, you undoubtedly will attract new customers and a large crowd to your dispensary’s grand opening event!

If you’d like to read more about getting customers to your dispensary, you’ll want to read our article How To Get More Customers To Your Dispensary: The Secret Sauce”.

Now get out there and go make your grand opening a smash hit with your community!

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