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Social Media

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In today’s marketing environment, billboards seem passe. And while social media is definitely king, that’s not necessarily a reason to disregard the traditional billboard. A Fort Collins marketing agency knows why each avenue of advertising has its merit.

Social Media

Social media remains the world’s first platform for growing your business, your brand, and your customer base. Here’s why.

Benefits of Social Media

Here are major reasons why social media is king.

Larger Reach

Billions of people use social media platforms. It’s become more integral to communication than the telephone.

Direct Connectivity With Your Base

Unlike conventional marketing strategies, social media lets you reach out directly to your converts. Only consumers interested in your business follow you, letting you:

  • Get to know your audience better.
  • Share information the converts are already interested in.
  • Provide greater customer service.
  • Gain a grasp on your community.
  • Get insight into how the business gets perceived.

Creating Organic Content

Organic content is targeted to your audience. It’s designed to pull consumers in through evergreen and topical material that informs and engages and keeps followers coming back.

Save Money

Social media is the most affordable way to build your brand. An affordable marketing agency in Fort Collins will change your business stance with almost any budget.

Cons of Social Media

While social media gives you great advantages, it’s not exactly the best of both worlds.

You’re Exposed

Consumers keep a close eye on your business. It’s easy for a mistake to turn viral. Suddenly, your business is the subject of controversy.

Campaigns Require Diligence

Unlike traditional advertising, you don’t put out a digital campaign and go home. Campaigns require constant updating. Hiring a smart digital marketing agency Fort Collins to manage your website presence makes the production easier.


While they seem outdated, here are reasons to embrace the medium. 

People See Them

Billboards are placed where best seen. That means targets will see them throughout the day.

Always On the Job

A billboard is at work 24/7. Consumers are repeatedly exposed as they pass by. Now, you have a brief message that’s reinforced on a regular basis.

Building Brand Awareness

Billboards can lead to investigating your business. If feasible, give billboards a QR code for easy scanning and sending parties directly to your website.

Cons of Billboards

Despite all their benefits, billboards have their cons.

Advertising Might Not Hit Targets

Advertising agencies Fort Collins know billboards can target neighborhoods but have no impact on the all-important demographic. 

Platform Offers Limited Information

If a brand’s established, billboards are exceptional for sending messages. But if people don’t know your brand, the second it takes to look at a billboard may not be enough to convert someone.

Which Is the Better Format for You?

The billboard leans more toward the general populace. Social media is an exceptional and affordable outlet for targeting members of the general populace. Social media is far more likely to drive a consumer to your brand of sneakers. A billboard is far more likely to get a passerby to stop at your restaurant five miles down the road.

With a Fort Collins digital marketing agency, learn all about social media marketing and how to best put it to use. Our digital marketing agency Fort Collins has a background in customer interaction and smart marketing. We can discuss, strategize and build campaigns about utilizing all the benefits of social media! We have advanced knowledge in serving small- to medium-sized services. Rank Rise Marketing has THE background in digital marketing, website strategy, marketing, SEO, PPC, and more.

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