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Working with freelancers or agencies comes down to what services you need and, yes, that almighty budget. 

Before making a decision about digital marketing Fort Collins, here are a few questions to ask yourself.

  • What’s the project’s complexity?
  • What’s your vision for the completed project?
  • What’s your budget?

With the answers to those questions, let’s look at the scope of digital marketing in Fort Collins versus freelancers.

Pros of a Digital Marketing Agency

Here are the highlights of putting a digital marketing Fort Collins agency on your side.

  • Digital agencies definitely have a wealth of resources, partnering you with a multi-faceted team skilled in their field. Experts in development, design and marketing break up the project while maintaining a collaborative mindset. 
  • There’s a greater chance of communication. Agencies tend to have set, effective ways to communicate with clients. Often, the agency assigns a Project Manager. That person becomes your direct contact and supervisor of your agency team. You bring all concerns and thoughts to the manager. They keep you updated, setting up regular calls or meetings to discuss the project.
  • A Fort Collins digital marketing agency is more likely to be on point time-wise. They know you base your business around their promised schedule. 

Cons of a Digital Marketing Agency

Here are some cons when working with a digital marketing agency.

  • The cost of an agency may be more expensive than working with a freelancer. Agencies package multiple services, delivering an ideal solution in the shortest amount of time. This can translate into huge overhead. Agencies work out of rented spaces and employ skilled creatives, graphic designers, and other professionals.
  • Contracts may stipulate additional resources that might incur additional expenses.
  • A lot of freelancers operate remotely. They can be hard to reach, especially if they’re on the other side of the world.

Pros of Freelance Marketing Agents

Here are some pros of working with digital freelancers.

  • Freelancers — with no one to answer to but the client — can manage an unstructured workday. They can be available outside of a digital marketing agency’s working hours. Their flexibility will be useful as you navigate the bumpy road that constitutes effective creativity.
  • If your due diligence is strong, you’ll partner up with a freelancer experienced in exactly the niche your project needs. Whether the project consists of interactive video, whiteboards, illustrations, or animations, find a freelancer who matches your criteria. 
  • It’s going to be subjective, but freelancers usually have less overhead. They often work from home and may give you a better price to cut the competition.

Cons of Freelance Marketing Agents

Take these points into account when looking at freelancers.

  • A freelancer may take a little longer than a Fort Collins digital marketing agency to finish a project. You also have to prepare for the unexpected. If a freelancer has a family emergency or gets sick, your project is in the void until … whenever. 
  • You hire a freelancer with a specific project in mind. The idea that this single person can handle all project components borders on unrealistic. Full-scale solutions may be on the freelance table (that’s going to require significant research), but you’re at a disadvantage if there’s a glitch or need a modification that the freelancer hasn’t the resources to resolve.
  • A freelancer may be an ace at design but that doesn’t mean they have an intimate understanding of your market, company, and customers. Some freelancers produce cookie-cutter designs that allow them to move on to the next cookie-cutter project.

Agencies skilled in pro digital marketing in Fort Collins CO will provide performance data that demonstrates accountability. Freelancers may have a skill set that doesn’t match your needs but you may not find out until too late.

Before making a decision, look into both options scrupulously. Schedule a consultation today!

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