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Guides to Picking a Fort Collins Web Design Company

What to Look For in a Good Fort Collins Web Design Company

There are many things to consider when you are looking for a good website designer in Fort Collins Colorado. The following points will help ensure that your site is successful, and that you get the most benefit from hiring a company to build your site.

1. Testimonials

Most good web design companies have testimonials on their sites about how they helped other businesses. Look through these carefully before you commit to using them, but be aware that since customers are usually asked if they are willing to give testimonials about their experience with the company, there may be bias in some of these reports. Still, if you see several sites where customers claim to have had excellent results with the company, you should feel good about what the web design company can offer you.

2. Portfolio

The company should have examples of their work on the website. Look for sites that are comparable to what you want your site to look like – if they can’t do this, or if they don’t show any relevant work, you may not want to use them. If you cannot find any relevant work at all, consider someone else for your project. Check out some of our Fort Collins website design above, or contact us today to see our full design portfolio!

3. Pricing

Contact three different companies and get quotes from each of them before deciding who to hire. Be sure to ask about their pricing structures and compare the offers carefully, since a low price does not always mean a good deal in web design services. At Rank Rise Marketing , we offer reasonable rates with a full menu of services, but our rates still vary by a wide margin. Be sure to choose a company that can give you a proposal for a specific site, and not just an overall quote on the project.

4. How The Company Designs Websites

In addition to what they talk about in their portfolio or on their website, you will get a good idea of how the company approaches web design from the way they speak with you during your initial call. Look for someone who understands your business objectives and has good ideas about how to express them online . They should also be able to guide you through the process and help you avoid common mistakes in making decisions about site functionality and content organization. To learn more about our approach to Fort Collins web design and what we offer potential clients, contact us today!

5. Commitment to the Project

A good company will be committed to your project and will return phone calls and emails promptly. You should not have to pay for “rush” requests, and you should know that the web designer is there for you every step of the way. Be wary if they push you into a decision without taking their time or giving you guidance; this could mean that they are looking out only for themselves rather than trying to help create a site that meets your business objectives as well as possible. Our Fort Collins Web Design project mangers work hard to ensure we provide our clients with timely responses and customer service beyond compare!


As you can see, there is a lot to consider when hiring a web company located in Fort Collins. However, by taking your time and looking for people who have the qualifications and experience necessary to create a site for you, you will be able to find the right company person for your project. Need more info? Check out our entire 2021 Web Design buyers guide. To learn more about our company or how we approach website design projects, contact Rank Rise Marketing Today!

What Makes a Good Fort Collins website design?

A website can be judged good or bad by many factors. Some of these are the design, clarity, layout and creativity. This guide will discuss each of these in turn.

What is the design of a site?

The design in this context is how it looks. There are many different ways to achieve a good looking website, using pictures and images in various ways, different page layouts and animation effects. For websites designs targeting local business in Fort Collins, it can be important to have symbols of Fort Collins in the design of the site. Image of things like Horsetooth Resevior or downtown Fort Collins can be added to help local customers understand you are located in Fort Collins.  

The style of your site should come from your branding and logo guidelines, meaning some designs can be very attractive and catch the eye of the user. Others might be less attractive but still do their job well, for example by being particularly clear or easy to use like service websites.

Designs that are flashy or show off lots of imagery may not necessarily work as well as simpler designs if their purpose is mainly business promotion . It really depends on what you want people to take away from your site – whether you want them to go there because they enjoy using it or because they think it’s trendy .

Experimentation and trying new things helps you find a design that works for your business. Think about what people want to do when they visit your site, then think of ways your design can help them achieve that aim.

What is the clarity of a site?

Clarity refers to how easy it is for someone to work out where to go and what to click on in order to get information from the website. The clearest sites are those which have very little content or media on each page, because everything’s clearly laid out with labels next to each section. These types of websites are also called ‘linear’. A lot of businesses choose this type of layout because their purpose is simply to provide information, not entertain . If you want people to look at your site rather than just read it, you may need to include more imagery or links to other pages.

Remember that some people might visit your site on a mobile phone where screen space is limited. Try to make sure they won’t have to scroll too far up and down the screen in order to use it, otherwise they could end up giving up and moving on! (A lot of websites are now ‘responsive’ which means they resize themselves depending on what device they’re accessed from.)

What is the layout of a site?

The layout can be said to be good if it’s clear and easy on the eye. It should also follow conventions of how web pages are laid out so that users will feel familiar with your site and know where to click straight away.

For example, it’s common for web pages to have a header at the top which says something like ‘home’ or ‘about us’. Below that there may be a menu (often with dropdown lists) detailing all the main sections of your site. The actual content might then come below this, followed by navigational links such as ‘contact us’ and ‘privacy policy’. Having these things in a similar place on every page and using the same names for them will put people at ease and make sure they can find their way around easily .

Remember not to make everything too cramped together though – you’ll want some white space so that different elements don’t get in each other’s way.

What is the creativity of a site?

This mainly refers to how imaginative or original your website looks. If it’s full of pictures and text that have been seen lots of other places before, it probably isn’t going to stand out from all the rest. Websites should be unique in some way so that they look special and make people think ‘that must be a cool place!’. Look for new styles or media you’ve not come across before, even if this means taking time to search through different sites for inspiration .

Remember though that looking too different may put people off – if something doesn’t seem obvious right away, they might just give up trying to find out more about it . Try thinking outside the box but keep things simple at the same time.

Remember that there are no set rules for how your site should look – it will depend on your target market (age group, interests etc) and what you want people to do when they visit it . Once again, don’t forget to think about mobile users! 

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