How To Increase Dispensary Traffic with Cannabis Tours

Marijuana tours are a game-changing necessity for hot dispensaries. Cannabis tours are a specific interest becoming more and more popular among cannabis enthusiasts. They provide weed-lovers with the opportunity to see, learn about, and experience cannabis in a safe setting. These tours can be beneficial for dispensaries because they create a chance to interact one on one with customers who may not have ever set foot in your store before! Ultimately, this will help by increasing your cannabis retail store traffic and expanding your customer base.

How Popular is Cannabis Tourism

The cannabis tour is one of the most popular types of experiences for pot tourists. Marijuana dispensaries in Colorado, for example, saw a 20% increase in sales when weed tourism was legalized! It’s evident that cannabis tourism has become increasingly popular over time, and with its continued growth it will only continue to bring dispensary owners more sales, business, and money. Cannabis tourism is at an all-time high and will continue to rise in the future.

After legalizing recreational use of marijuana in 2012, Colorado has since drawn millions upon millions of tourists annually looking to experience everything this state has to offer regarding cannabis culture.

Cannabis tours provide dispensary owners with a great opportunity to drive traffic and interact one-on-one with new customers, increasing sales and revenue for your dispensary. They are a great way to gain loyal customers that will continuously shop at your dispensary for years to come.

There are a variety of different cannabis tour companies who all offer various locations with unique details to provide their customers an unforgettable experience.

Some great examples include, Ganja Goddess Getaways, and Colorado Cannabis Tours just to name a few! These companies focus on providing high-quality tours including everything from transportation and the best dispensaries in the area to information about marijuana history, laws, etc. so that people can enjoy truly immersive experiences while they’re out touring your city’s pot scene. This is why these types of weed tours have become such popular resources for smokers because you get so much more than simply getting stoned – it provides real value through education which will benefit your dispensary after the tour ends and customers continue to come back to your location.

You can simply do a Google lookup for “cannabis tours in (your city)” to find the top prospects to approach and have your dispensary included.

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How to Feature Your Dispensary in a Cannabis Tour

Feature your dispensary in a cannabis tour by creating an interactive environment where weed-lovers can explore the vast world of marijuana. This will provide new customers with insight on all aspects of marijuana, including its history, different strains and their effects, basic grow techniques for beginners to experts, how it’s used in day-to-day life through foods or other products, etc. Offering information is always helpful because people love learning about new things!

When dispensaries are featured in these tours, they become well known throughout the community as one that provides valuable resources. People who join these tours are loyal and new customers looking to learn more about pot, which means when they leave they’ll be eager to purchase from you again! Cannabis tours allow dispensaries opportunities like no other because each tour is unique, giving you the chance to provide customers with new information leading them back for more.

There are many benefits of cannabis tours for dispensaries, including new customers who will constantly shop at your store and increased sales revenue due to weed-lovers curiosity! So get out there and start creating an interactive environment that provides insight into cannabis history, different strains/effects, etc., so that when people leave they’re eager to learn about pot from your dispensary again!

Offering Discounts For a Cannabis Tour Customer

Offer a discount to the new customer who refers you on their cannabis tour. This is a great way to get people coming back for your dispensary because they’ve already had an incredible experience with weed tours, and now they’re looking to support the company that made it possible!

When dispensaries provide discounts as incentives, there’s usually some sort of catch involved such as having one transaction per day or buying so much product at once, etc., which creates an incentive for customers to come back again and again until they reach this “goal” set by your dispensary. If you want loyal customers, then offer them something in return: whether its loyalty points, private deals, or simply referrals when someone brings up how awesome your store is during their pot tours! These are great ways to get people returning for your dispensary and will definitely be beneficial in the long run.

These methods are guaranteed to bring more business and money into your store if executed effectively, so try them out and see what works for your dispensary!

As weed tours rise so does the popularity of marijuana tourism throughout different states, which means there’s never been a better time than now to capture all this new business brought by tourists who want to experience everything your city has to offer regarding pot culture.

increasing dispensary traffic with cannabis tours

Use Cannabis Tours to Fill in Your Dispensary's Downtime

The mid-morning and early afternoons are typically the times when a dispensary is least active, which is why cannabis tours can be such a great way to fill in this downtime! Most tour companies run their actual consumers around during the mornings and afternoons, as not to disrupt your loyal customer rush during the evenings.

This is when the games usually come out, and dispensaries are known for providing customers with smoking accessories, giveaways, etc., so get creative and think of ways you can use these opportunities to your advantage. Some ideas include:

Cannabis trivia contests; give small prizes like stickers or free pre-rolls

Hosting local musicians who play weed inspired music

Provide discounts on food/drinks during happy hour (or make some yourself!)

Offer discount coupons for future purchases if they share your post on social media sites like Facebook or Instagram.

Hold giveaways where people have to bring their own jars filled with nugget shake – the winner gets a big prize!

There are so many creative ways to use this downtime and cannabis tours will help you get the ball rolling. Just remember that whatever you do, make sure it’s actually worth something instead of wasting everyone’s time.

Cannabis tours provide dispensaries with a great way to keep their new customers engaged even when they aren’t in-store by making things memorable and fun, so look into them if your dispensary wants more traffic and high-quality people who can become return customers after exploring your city’s pot culture through these weed-tours.

Keep in mind; this is all about increasing your cannabis retail store traffic. So if customers have fun at your stop on their tour, it will be memorable and help drive more traffic and more sales in the future.

Cross-Promotion With Cannabis Tours

Cannabis tours and dispensaries have a lot in common because they’re both parts of the new “green economy.” So why not work together to promote one another?

By working with cannabis tour companies, you can help them out by providing discounts or deals for their customers, which will result in more money going back into your dispensary. In return, they’ll be able to offer better deals on weed tours as well as advertise that your store is willing to support local businesses if done correctly! Cross-promotion can open up amazing opportunities for business growth between multiple marijuana-related ventures, but only if it’s executed properly from start to finish.

Don’t make promises unless you plan on keeping them since this entire industry runs off trust; otherwise people will never see your dispensary as a legitimate business and will not want to work with you.

The same goes for cannabis tours; they need to prove themselves by showing that their weed tours are worth the money; otherwise people won’t feel satisfied, which is bad for both parties involved! For example: if someone on the tour gets sick because of some food poisoning or has an allergic reaction due to moldy weed, it’s going to make everyone else who paid hundreds of dollars extremely upset (trust us, we know from experience). These types of situations can easily be avoided when dispensaries/cannabis tours communicate correctly beforehand so these problems don’t happen in the first place. Just remember communication is key!

Cannabis Friendly Hotels

Now that we’ve talked about cannabis tours and how they can benefit dispensaries, let’s talk about pot-friendly hotels! This is a great way for weed-tours to provide even more value to their customers because it allows them somewhere safe and fun to smoke upon returning from the tour.

Pot-friendly hotels provide luxury suites or rooms equipped with everything you need to have an unforgettable experience: whether it’s vapes, bongs, blunts, etc., all equipment necessary for smoking will be provided so people can feel completely comfortable once returning from the tour. So if your dispensary offers a cannabis tour, then this would be a perfect place to stay without having any concerns whatsoever – your customers can just sit back, relax and enjoy being surrounded by other enthusiasts at one of these fabulous properties.

The Final Thought on Partnering With a Cannabis Tour Company

For dispensaries who want to increase their customer base and drive more traffic, cross-promotion with a cannabis tour is the way to go. By partnering up for joint marketing efforts, you can generate new customers and increased traffic at your dispensary.

This is only one of many strategies to help boost sales and drive traffic to your dispensary.  Read up on our full dispensary marketing strategy by clicking here.

If this sounds like something that interests you or if you have any questions about how it all works, don’t hesitate to reach out! Our team of experts are ready and waiting to help make your dispensary more successful by working together on innovative marketing strategies that will lead visitors back into your store.

If you’d like to learn more about how Rank Rise Marketing can help you attract and retain customers at your dispensary, then click here.

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