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Your company’s website has been operational for a couple of months, and you have noticed that some of its features aren’t functioning optimally despite the fact that you redesigned it recently. So do you really need to update it already? 

The simplest answer to the question of how frequently your website should be updated is: as frequent as it requires updating. Minor updates may be carried out daily, while a full-fledged revamp might be conducted every two to three years. 

Web design updates come in different shapes and sizes. Depending on what your goals are, a web design update may entail something as simple as optimizing your blog posts for listicles—or it may be as comprehensive as a total revamp. 

Regardless of the scope of the web design update, it should optimize your website and enhance the user experience. 

5 Signs That Your Website Needs an Update 

Here are some signs that indicate that your website needs to be updated: 

1. Broken Pages 

The average internet user is usually busy. The last thing they want is to visit a website only to be met with the “404 not found” error code. Your website should run seamlessly and take visitors to the content they need. 

2. Outdated Information 

Filling your website with old information undermines its reliability. This is particularly true on your website’s home page – all the information and dates on this page should be current and correct. When the information on your home page is outdated, it paints a picture that anything else on your website isn’t current. 

3. Low Loading Speed 

On average, internet users spend approximately 2-3 seconds waiting for a page to load. Your website taking longer than this to load is a sign that you need to get rid of excess content, pages, and programs to keep it as efficient and sleek as possible. 

4. Your Website Isn’t Optimized for Mobile Devices 

According to Statista, there were around 4.32 billion different mobile internet users in 2021. This indicates that more than 90% of the global internet users go online using a mobile device. These stats show that your business website can help you reach more customers, but only if it is optimized for mobile devices. 

5. Poor SEO Ranking and Low Website Traffic 

A website is only as good as its SEO ranking and the traffic it pulls. If your website is finding it difficult to rank highly on major search engines such as Google, then it may be time for an update. This may involve removing dead links and tweaking your content to stay relevant. 

Why You Should Update Your Web Design 

Here’s an outline of the reasons why you should update your web design frequently: 

1. It Improves User Experience 

Frequently updating your website provides visitors with a better user experience. This is because any issues that may come about with browser updates will be easily identified and rectified. Regular updates also enable you to add integrations (plugins and third-party apps) to enhance your website’s performance and engage users better. 

2. It Keeps Your Website Secure 

You can keep your website secure by updating it regularly to ensure the security software is operating properly. Ensure that all the added features you downloaded to your website are from reputable sources. You should also change your passwords regularly to keep threat actors at bay. And if your website uses custom-built security, ensure that it complies with the latest standards. 

3. It Improves Your SEO Rankings 

Google algorithms occasionally undergo major changes, approximately every six months, so you should keep an eye on those changes. You should also track Google’s smaller iterations that happen frequently, say every couple of weeks. Additionally, you should ensure that your content is SEO-optimized. 

4. It Enhances Loading Speed 

Internet users won’t hang out on a website that takes ages to load. It’s no wonder that slow loading speed is one of the primary reasons for a high bounce rate. 

Updating your website will help you eliminate cluttered user interfaces, heavy video and image files, and unoptimized links, thereby improving the speed at which your website loads. 

5. It Ensures That You Keep Up With Trends and Emerging Technologies 

Regularly upgrading your website ensures that you adopt a new tech stack relevant to your business that can improve its performance and give users a better experience. 

Similarly, redesigning your business’s website regularly with trends suitable for your business can help you acquire new customers who were just browsing through. 

Rank Rise Marketing Can Help Design Websites for Your Fort Collins, CO Business 

Our team can not only help you design a new website but can also help you update your existing one to ensure that it is fully optimized, mobile responsive, unique to your brand’s needs, and builds trust with customers. Contact us to get started today.

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